Citroen C3With a length of under 4m, the new Citroën C3 still maintains a spacious and comfortable interior. Modern and connected, it also has 12 driving aids to make your daily life easier both in town and on main roads.

The new Citroën C3 features Advanced Comfort technology for a feeling of well-being during your journeys. This 100% Citroën innovation offers incredible comfort and support for your back.

Futuristic design

Inspired by the lines of a concept car, the new Citroën C3 forges a more futuristic identity. The compact car now comes with a redesigned front end inspired by SUVs. It also boasts new visual elements to stand out in town.

Citroen C3 - Futuristic design

Assertive design

Citroen C3 - Assertive design

The new Citroën C3 reimagines urban mobility to adopt a more robust and energetic look. The silhouette is emphasised with a larger style "Helix" wheels. Side Airbumps with three cushioned capsules on the doors protect the body contribute to its unique style. Always ubiquitous, the New Citroën C3 brings vibrancy to everyday life.

Connecting style and protection

The new design of the side Airbumps contributes to the more robust side of the New Citroën C3. Better still, they protect the body against light everyday wear and tear. The Airbumps consist of three cushioned capsules at the bottom of the doors in a colour that complements the fog lights.

Citroen C3 - Connecting style and protection

Body colours

5 body colours

Give the New C3 the identity that suits you with a choice of 5 colours. Opt for simplicity with the colours Perla Nera Black, Platinum Grey or Polar White. You can also indulge in brighter colours with two new shades: Elixir Red and Spring Blue.

4 colour packs

To make your New C3 even more to your liking, Citroën has created Colour Packs for you. This is a set of coloured highlights, including fog lights inserts and Airbump surrounds. Choose from 4 colours with the Anodised Emerald, Black, White or Red Packs.

4 colours with 3 roof colour options

To complete the customisation of your city car, choose between 4 roof colours, including the new Emerald Blue. The mirrors are adapted to the colour you choose. Your New C3 is very unique.

Ultra-comfortable vehicle

New ultra-comfort seats

While the exterior lines of the New Citroën C3 focus on the future, comfort is the priority in the passenger compartment. Citroën's innovative Advanced Comfort technology guarantees incredible seat softness.

Citroen C3 - New ultra-comfort seats

Unique Comfort

With ADVANCED COMFORT technology, Citroën strives to provide unprecedented comfort to each occupant of the vehicle, thanks to innovative, technological and intelligent solutions that create well-being. All user expectations are taken into account, confirming Citroën's record in automotive comfort.

A Lounge on wheels

The new Citroën C3's seats have wide bases and backs inspired by the world of cosy furniture. Their construction guarantees a soft yet solid seat. The Advanced Comfort seats provide unrivalled driving comfort on both short and long journeys.

Technology for life

Citroen C3 - Technology for life

NEW CITROËN C3 is filled with innovative technology that is intuitive, simple and seamlessly quick, specifically designed to fit right into your routine and enhance the everyday.

Engineered for everywhere

NEW CITROËN C3 features the very latest three cylinder PureTech 110 Stop & Start petrol engine. You’ll enjoy a fine balance between economy, efficiency and go-anywhere performance.

Compact but spacious

The new Citroën C3 provides remarkable interior space and roominess in both the front and back. There is excellent legroom. Particularly agile and manoeuverable, the new compact Citroën C3 is ideal in an urban environment, measuring 3.99 m.

A 300-litre boot

The new Citroën C3 is multi-purpose with its generous 300 L boot, ideal for accommodating all your luggage. And to make life on board easier, the new Citroën C3 is inspired by your daily life. The storage compartments have therefore been designed to be as functional as possible, like the central storage which frees up as much space as possible at the front of the vehicle, completed by a large glove box.

Interior Design

Citroen C3 - New emerald interior

The New Citroën C3 is standard with the Emerald Ambiance interior for a touch of dynamic colour. From the dash to the door trims, experience a unique driving atmosphere.

New ambiances

After choosing from the exterior colour for the New Citroën C3, turn your attention to the interior, which is a truly cosy bubble. Its dashboard, smart in both colour and materials, complements the doors and seats and creates a warm atmosphere. New C3 comes standard with the brand new dynamic Emerald ambiance.

Citroen C3 - New ambiances

Emerald ambiance

The Emerald ambiance is based on the contrast between predominantly dark colours and colourful accepts for a more dynamic look. A technical 3D mesh fabric covers the upholstery and a black leather-effect fabric covers the dashboard strip.

Overseas model displayed

12 driving assistance


The New Citroën C3 makes everyday driving effortless using a variety of technologies such as Park Assist and Driver Attention Warnings. There are 12 Driving Aids as standard to assisting you every single day:

  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Lane Departure Warning Alert
  • Front & Rear Parking Assistance
  • Coffee Break Alert
  • Cruise Control with Speed Limiter Function
  • Extended Traffic Sign Recognition and Recommendation
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Driver Attention Warning
  • Automatic Intelligent Beam Headlights
  • Keyless Entry and Start
  • Reversing Camera
  • Hill Start Assist
Citroen C3 - Technologies

Connected services

Citroen C3 - Connect nav - a modern touchscreen tablet

Connect nav - a modern touchscreen tablet

To enhance on-board comfort, the new Citroën C3 brings connectivity to you with the 7-inch touchscreen tablet, which is located in the centre of the dashboard. This can be controlled by voice recognition to navigate, change radio station or make a call.

Citeroen connect play

Connect your smartphone with the Mirror Screen function to duplicate its functions on the New Citroën C3's central screen. Find your multimedia content and use your smartphone and your favourite applications directly.

Overseas model displayed

Effieient engine

Citroen C3 - Puretech petrol

Puretech petrol

The new Citroën C3 has the latest generation high-performance efficient engine that are Euro 6 emission standard approved: PureTech 110 (Stop & Start) with an Efficient Automatic Transmission (EAT 6 Speed) 3-cylinder petrol.

Adapted accessories

Enjoy a wide selection of accessories with the New Citroën C3. Install a roof rack to transport your gear. Customise your wheels with new hubcaps or dress up your interior with new floor mats.

Citroen C3 - Adapted accessories

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