Undiluted optimism

Citroen C3With features and proportions that make it instantly recognisable, NEW CITROËN C3 has an optimistic presence and personality. Its strong, raised face and fluid curves, chunky side details and bold graphic elements encapsulate energy and refinement in one fresh, contemporary shape.

Uniquely distinctive

Citroen C3 - Uniquely distinctiveNEW CITROËN C3 stands out everywhere, because it has real character. Each detail contributes, from the lighting signature with LED daytime-running lights to the wheel arch extensions, side Airbump® panels and stunning 3D rear light clusters. Unique and assertive, NEW CITROËN C3 doesn’t do blending in!

Innovative protection

Citroen C3 - Innovative protectionUnmistakable at a glance, the Airbump® panels on NEW CITROËN C3 protect its bodywork from dents and scuffs. An exclusive CITROËN innovation introduced on CITROËN C4 CACTUS, the panels consist of 40 air-filled capsules made from tough polyurethane which can feature red or white surrounds, depending on the chosen roof colour.

33 individual statements

Citroen C3 - 33 individual statementsWherever your personal taste takes you, NEW CITROËN C3 is the perfect companion. There are 9 exterior colours, 3 roof colours, and the option of a body colour roof (monotone). Colour touches include fog light surrounds, door mirrors and rear quarter panels. You can go with or without the ingenious Airbump® panels and there’s also an optional panoramic sunroof. With 33 possible
combinations, self-expression starts here…

Your ideal ambiance

Citroen C3 - Your ideal ambienceBeautifully made and full of fine details and attention to detail, the standard interior ambiance of NEW CITROËN C3 is welcoming and contemporary. There are also 2 new optional ambiances encompassing contrasting seat trims, dashboard elements and door straps.

1. The ‘Urban’ Red Ambience* creates a rich dramatic contrast between dark and bright. The vibrant red dashboard surround and stitching bring out a dynamic character and sporty feel.

2. The ‘Hype’ Colorado Ambience* makes full use of high-quality, soft-touch materials and refined design. The tactile, bi-tone leather steering wheel is just one desirable feature to savour.

*Available as an option

Inspired details

Around the interior of NEW CITROËN C3 you’ll discover details inspired by architecture, interior design and even traditional luggage, such as on the beautifully finished overstitched door straps.

CITROËN Advanced Comfort®

Designed to offer unrivalled comfort and wellbeing for each passenger, CITROËN Advanced Comfort® provides the best for body and mind. Soft-touch contact points and low noise levels create a sense of calm, while interior space is designed to be stylish and really versatile. The overall ambiance makes journeys feel effortless and intuitive technology gives you fingertip control of the practicalities and unique features.

Feel at home

Citroen C3 - Feel at homeHere’s a fresh, contemporary living space where a relaxed sense of wellbeing reigns. All seats are wide, comfortable and supportive, while materials and colours are carefully selected to enhance the feeling of an airy welcome. Design inspiration comes from diverse sources, beyond the automotive world. At the heart of NEW CITROËN C3’s feel-good refinement you’ll find exceptional soundproofing and a real CITROËN trademark: benchmark suspension.

Panoramic vision

Citroen C3 - Panoramic visionChoose the optional panoramic roof for NEW CITROËN C3 and your journeys take on another dimension. Visibility for everyone is transformed and natural light pours in, making the most of the changing elements. An integral sunblind allows you to fine-tune light levels when you want to.

Perfectly formed

Citroen C3 - Perfectly formedElegantly simple and beautifully made, NEW CITROËN C3’s dashboard is shaped by the CITROËN Advanced Comfort® programme. This means perfectly placed controls, crystal clear displays, tactile materials and the multi-function touchscreen placed right at its heart.

Technology for life

Citroen C3 - Technology for lifeNEW CITROËN C3 is filled with innovative technology that is intuitive, simple and seamlessly quick, specifically designed to fit right into your routine and enhance the everyday.

Engineered for everywhere

NEW CITROËN C3 features the very latest three cylinder PureTech 110 Stop & Start petrol engine. You’ll enjoy a fine balance between economy, efficiency and go-anywhere performance.

Smooth, seamless progress

Citroen C3 - Smooth, seamless progressTo make the most of NEW CITROËN C3’s poise, comfort and agility, it will be available with the advanced EAT6 auto [Efficient Automatic Transmission 6] automatic gearbox. In combination with the PureTech 110 S&S engine, this sophisticated transmission will increase driving pleasure with fast smooth gear changes and maximise environmental efficiency too.

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Citroen C3

Citroen C3

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