From the busy city centre to the open road, every trip will be comfortable and stress-free. CITROËN design and engineering keeps it that way.


With features and proportions that make it instantly recognisable, NEW CITROËN C3 has an optimistic presence and personality. Its strong, raised face and fluid curves, chunky side details and bold graphic elements encapsulate energy and refinement in one fresh, contemporary shape.

Citroen C3 Image

C3 Aircross

New C3 AIRCROSS strikes an original stance in this segment, with the muscular lines of its bonnet, which is both short and high. It conveys an impression of robust strength, with a light signature that attracts the eye at both front and rear. At the same time, it is non-aggressive, with its horizontal balance and generous contours.This new SUV features Citroën’s graphic signature using two tiered lights. These lights showcase the expressive front end and a light signature reflecting the identity of the brand new models.At the rear, the strong shoulders of the C3 AIRCROSS underline its width and strength of character. The 3D-effect rear lights bear a familiar resemblance with New C3 and C-Aircross concept car.A true SUV, New C3 AIRCROSS features wheel arches with extended wings and self-coloured lower sill panels for protection from minor impacts.

Citroen C3 Aircross Image

C5 Aircross

CITROEN has launched its all-new C5 Aircross SUV, a classically SUV-shaped vehicle with large wheels, robust and muscular design, raised ground clearance and 100% unique Citroen personality. Available in two model variants, Feel and Shine, the C5 Aircross features strong design elements which include; Airbumps®, large 19-inch alloy wheels, 230mm ground clearance, rocker panel and wheel arch protectors, roof bars, and unique colour packs. 

Citroen C5 Aircross Image

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